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Maison de Luxe LUNETTES



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Size: 48 Nose width: 19

Temple size: 140 Height and height size: 34.5

A new glasses frame is now available from the glass cord brand Maison de Luxe.It is an elegant casual all-metal frame and a combination frame with a beautiful minimalist and sophisticated milgrain (metal engraving) pattern.

The all-metal frame has a beautiful contrast between the base color and the pale rim color, making it a product that can be hung both on and off.

The milgrain pattern on the rim and temples (combined with engraving pattern), and the titanium pads and temple modern parts all made of titanium, give you a sense of both luxury and casualness.

There are two types of frames: all-metal type and combination type, which are extremely light and designed to be comfortable to hang with just the right amount of titanium elasticity.

It uses a surface treatment that does not use nickel at all, so even those with nickel allergies can use it with confidence.

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