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Maison de Luxe LUNETTES



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Size: 47 Nose width: 21

Temple size: 145Height and earth size: 38

Introducing the brand's first all-plastic frame from the glass cord brand Maison de Luxe.

We are committed to a design that dares to show off the engraving pattern on the temples, and by unifying the front decorative studs, titanium pads, and rings in the same color, we hope you will feel both luxurious and casual.

The front shape adopts the timeless design with the soft lines of the Boston Wellington Crown Panto, and we have selected mainly pale clear acetate fabrics that match the brand image and dark clear acetate fabrics that give you a fall/winter feel. Ta.

We paid careful attention to the overall balance by adopting slightly narrower temples for the crown pant type temple shape. Considering the load from the thickness of the temples, we adopted a 5-blade hinge. It is designed with sufficient strength.

The hinge part of the temple is caulked using a traditional method, giving this product a classic and luxurious feel.

We also offer combinations of recommended sunglass lenses from brands in each color, so we recommend this product as a fashion item.

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